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Data Protection and Privacy Statement

PBL is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your information and maintaining confidentiality at all times. By “your information” we mean any information about you, which you or third parties provide to the Bank.

The PBL privacy principles set out below, explain how your information will be treated by PBL.

PBL Privacy Principles:

  • Bank will only collect and use your information where it has lawful grounds and legitimate business reasons to do so.
  • Bank will be transparent in its dealings with you and tell you about how it will collect and use your information.
  • If Bank has collected your information for a particular purpose, it will not use it for anything unless you have been informed and where relevant your permission obtained.
  • Bank will not ask for more information than needed for the purposes for which it is collected.
  • Bank will update its records when you inform that your details have changed.
  • Bank will continue to review and assess the quality of its information.
  • Bank will implement and adhere to information retention policies relating to your information and will ensure that your information is securely disposed at the end of the appropriate retention period.
  • Bank will train its staff on the privacy obligations.
  • Bank will ensure it has appropriate physical and technological security measures to protect your information regardless of where it is held.
  • Bank will ensure that the supplier has appropriate security measures in place if any process is outsourced and will contractually require them to comply with these privacy principles.

If you are a PBL customer or already have a relationship with us, you will have been advised by various methods as to how we collect and use your information.

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