We deliver comprehensive solutions to companies engaged in international and domestic trade transactions. We offer a suite of trade finance solutions including Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections, Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters Of Credit, Forward Contracts, Discounting of Bills, Open Account transactions and so forth.

You can obtain working capital financing on any underlying trade transaction. Where exporters undertake risks such as sovereign, cross-border and commercial risks, our extension of adding confirmation to your Export Letter of Credit will help you mitigate the risks of dealing with less familiar counterparties, financial institutions or higher risk countries. With the assurance of payment upon your fulfillment of underlying trade transaction and documentary requirements, you will now have the confidence to expand to new markets and focus on growing your business.

We can further enhance acceptability of your business propositions and financial obligations by our issuance of Bank Guarantees or Standby Letters of Credit to back up your financial and performance obligations between your good company and your counterparty.


  1. Proprietary concern,
  2. Partnership firm,
  3. Small / Medium Business,
  4. Corporate,
  5. Multinational Corporations.
Letter of Credit (L/C)
We provide the facility of opening Letter of Credit (L/C) in order to enable corporates and businessmen to import different goods from any part of the world through our wide-ranging network of correspondent banks.

Demand/Short-term loan (Trade Finance)
These facilities are normally provided to support one-off or any particular short-term transactions.
Trust Receipt/ Importers Loan (Trade Finance)
Majority of the businesses in Nepal depends on imported items. Short-Term Trust Receipt Loans are the most common products available to finance such requirement.

Export Loan
Export loan facilitates the exporters to process/collect stocks for exports.

Bank Guarantee
In the course of business, if you or your business needs any form of guarantee to smoothly carry out your activities, we are ready for issuance of the different types of guarantees.

For more information regarding our Trade Finance services, please contact the nearest branch of Prabhu Bank Ltd or:

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