Prabhu Bank’s SME Banking Division offers a wide-array of financial products to Small & Medium Enterprises to support their business. Whether you are already running or starting a new venture or expanding your business, Prabhu Bank strives to provide the entire spectrum of solutions.

Our Products and Services under SME Banking include:

Funded facilities

Funded facilities will include:
  • Overdrafts (including revolving credits and short term advances)
  • Short Term / Demand Loans
  • Importer’s Loan / Trust Receipt
  • Pre-shipment and Post-shipment financing
  • Purchase / discount / negotiation of inward and outward bills.
  • Project/Term Loan
  • Hire Purchase Loan, which is taken to finance on the vehicles to be purchased by firm/company for business use in line with PPG of Auto/Hire purchase loan.

Non-Funded facilities

Non-funded facilities will include:
  •  Letters of credit – sight & usance,
  • Guarantees – bid, performance, advance payments, supplier credit, others as per the need
  • Negotiation of clean & documentary bills under LC/Non LC (subject to availability of bank & country limit; discrepant documents may be negotiated subject to exposure not exceeding the total funded lines and availability of bank & country limit) 
  • LC transfers
  • Export LC Confirmation
  • DAP(Documents against payment)/DAA(Documents against Acceptance)
  • CAD (Cash against Documents)