For Prabhu Bank, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been on top of the agenda. CSR for us means embracing responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere thereby managing our business responsibly and sensibly for long term sustainable banking. As part of our commitment to CSR, Prabhu  has been conducting various activities for the welfare of the community and leading employee engagement activities. 


Latest CSR Activities

  • Support to Bara Tornado Victims
    The tornado occurred at Bara distrcict, that killed more than 25 people and injured over 600.Bara district has been going through deep grief at the moment struggling for life, food , shelter and other basic needs. Bank has providedthem financial support which would be great relief for them.
  • Contribution in Chyyama Puja at Local Temple
    Bank has been participating in Chhyama Puja inKaryabinayak Temple at Babarmahal annually, organized by KaryabinayakBikash Samitee.
  • Financial Support for Temple Construction
    Considering the Corporte Social Responsibility,Bank has contributed in construction of Radha Krishna Temple,Nuwakot.
  • Support for Samudayik Sewa Kendra Bhavan Nirman
    SamudayikSewa Kendra a non-profitable institution, is constructiong their own separate two-storeyedbulding at Tyanlaphat,Kathmandu in presence of local residents and various institutions. Hence, for the social welfare, we have provided them financial support for constructing their own building.
  • Donated Fund to Sportsman and Social worker
    Donation is provided to hospitalized patient who is injured in Bike accident in Palpa. Both of his legs have been fractured along with severe effect in chest and head.
  • Supporting the Victims of Kalikot Fire
    Fire destroyed huge property of people living in Kalikot, so with the motive of supporting affected people we provide them goods and stuffs through Surkhet Branch.
  • Support to Budhanilkantha Nagarpalika
    Understanding the need and importance of CCTV in today’s scenario and with the motive of maintaining security also considering our responsibility towards society, financial support is provided to BudhanilkanthaNagarpalikafor installation of CCTV.
  • Support to the Schools in Bhojpur District
    As we have prime focus in increasing educational quality as a Corporate Social Responsibility, we are supporting various schools in Bhojpur District. Considering the quality education of students in those schools we have provided them interactive whiteboards and projectors.
  • Contribution in UpatyakaSarsafai Mahaabhiyan
    To create social awareness about environmental cleanliness, financial support is provided by Bank.
  • Financial support to Rising Lotus Children village
    RLCV is working for Nepalese orphan for their better education and safe future, so for the welfare of such children bank has provided financial support.
  • Dhaulagiri Zonal Hospital
    As a part of CSR, bank has provided financial support to Dhaulagiri zonal hospital so that they can install compound lighting. Hence, the overall objective of the project is to create safer and pleasant environment through installing lights.
  • Contribution in Education of orphan and handicaped children
    Inner Vission Nepal conducted a program in which they distributed educational materials to the orphan and handicaped children which is very helpful for developing their quality of education. Where understanding the need and importance of education to children, Bank has provided them financial support.
  • Support to Adarsha Secondary School, Biratnagar-9,Morang
    Adarsha Secondary School is a government school delivering quality education of various faculty, where bank distributed 250 pieces of plastic chairs.
  • Contribution towards Social Security
    Community service center Gorkha has been started to install CCTV Camera on the core market area to maintain security where bank has supported financially community service center for installation of CCTV.
  • Supporting Religious Occasion
    As a part of our commitment to CSR, we are supporting PurnachandiToleSudharSamiti they are conducting religious program on the occasion of Krishna Puja. Hence, Financial support is provided by Bank.
  • Providing Water Purifying Machine
    Shree Janahit Secondary School is a government school at Waling, Syanja. They are facing drinking water problem. So, Bank has supported them by providing them water purifying machine.
  • Contribution in Blood Donation Program
    Blood donation program is organized by Shikhar Youth Club in Maitidevi,another was operated by Nepal Red Cross Society Chitwan. Where, bank has supported them financially.
  • Donation For SETU Nepal
    SEUT Nepal is NGO working for the welfare of HIV infected community especially woman and children.
  • Contribution Towards Health Sector
    Following our Corporate Social Responsibility donation is provided to Medical Exchange Integration Nepal(MEIN)  a small non-governmental organization Working to provide regular health service.
  • Contribution in Environment Cleaning Campion
    Waste management and environment protection manual is printed by bank for ward cleaning Campion organized at Tarkeshwor Municipality.
  • Financial Support to Biratpokhara Mahila Samuha
    Being responsible towards the society bank has provided financial support to BiratpokarMahilaSamuha. They have organized free health checkup.
  • Support to Bhawan NirmanSamiti
    As a part of CSR, financial support is provided to Senior Citizen and BhawanNirmanSamati for the Construction of Chautari near the mandir area at Hawaghar,Battar.
  • Donation For a Temple
    Bank has donated steel shoe rack for Siddhababa Temple located at Dovan,Palpa.
  • Financial Support to Padmavati Saving and Co-operative
    The co-operative organized program of giving honor to senior citizens along with feeding food to them.where,bank has provided financial support to the Co-operative.
  • Financial Support to Police Bit
    For the welfare of society, bank has provided financial support to make police bit at Bareng Bazar.
  • Support to Urban Service Society
    To make city clean,donation is provided by bank to the garden named Namuna Udhan, SurysmukhiUdhan, RastryasewaUdhan for the purchase of tree trimmer. So, that the garden can be kept clean and attractive.
  • As part of the CSR, a free eye camp was organised at Kobang of Jomsom in coordination with Tilganga Eye Hospital on the occasion of "Baara Berse Mela". The eye camp led by the doctors of Tiganga Hospital attended around 150 patients. Free medicines and glasses were also distributed during the eye camp along with free operation to cataract patients. 
  • To celebrate the happiness with the orphan children Bank did fruit distribution in one of the orphanage of Rajbiraj. The distribution program was coordinated by the Rajbiraj Branch.
  • Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. So, on the occasion of first anniversary of the Walling branch a blood donation program was conducted in walling in co-ordination with the Red Cross Society. There were 50 people who donated blood during the program.

Other CSR Activities

Bank's logo at Mount Everest

It is known that the Bank assisted and honored World Cyclist Puskar Shah as its professional ambassador during his world cycling tour and Mr. Shah, during the year under review, completed tour of 150 countries successfully. The Bank also provided cash assistance of Rs. 442,417.00 to Mr. Shah for his expedition to Mount Everest, in the season during the year under review, along with the banner denoting the Bank's logo and the national flags of the countries he visited after completion of the tour of 150 nations. The expedition by Mr. Shah has been successfully completed on May 17th, 2010. Along with the success of Mr. Shah we, through Mr. Shah, received the opportunity and glory to fly banner denoting the Bank's logo at Mount Everest for the first time.

Prabhu Talk Program

Keeping the fact at focal that without development of entrepreneurship financial prosperity and increase in opportunities of employment is not possible, the Bank has conducted the Talk Program in which honoring and presenting the established successful entrepreneurs as a resource person and inviting people working or wishing to work in the same field and interaction happens. It has been found successful platform to share experience by successful entrepreneurs and incentive to the willing people, new comer or people working in the same field for the development of entrepreneurship.

Assistance to Society of Economic Journalists (SEJON)
The Bank has provided cash assistance of Rs. 500,000.00 to Society for Economic Journalists Nepal to establish a standing fund to provide 3 economic journalists annually. An agreement has been entered into by and between the Bank and the Society for Economic Journalists Nepal in this regard. For the comprehensive economic development standard of economic journalism has to be uplifted more. The standing fund established in the Bank's assistance will start the tradition of awarding 3 economic journalists and the Bank has the faith that this will provide the journalists working in the economic area an additional incentive to uplift the economic journalism.

Prabhu Chairman's Standing Fund and Scholarship to Shareholders' Children
The Bank established Prabhu Bank Chairman's Standing Fund from the amount of Rs. 500,000.00 donated by Chairman of the Bank on the occasion of Eighth Annual General Meeting to provide scholarships to the children of Shareholders passed obtaining with higher marks.  From this year, the Standing Fund will start providing scholarships to the total of 6 students including one each from male and female students on highest mark basis from each level (SLC, +2, and Bachelor) from amongst the Childs of the Bank's shareholders as well as shareholders themselves as bonafide students from the interest generated by the fund.

Supporting “Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards”

“Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards” is the only awards for Nepali women that recognizes and honors real life heroines who represent all sectors of society from different regions of the country. It was established by Creative Statements to honor the achievements of women from nine different professional sectors. These programs have been related to creative arts, culture and development issues. So, in order to recognize and appreciate the real performing Ladies the bank had supported the event by sponsoring Rs. 2,50,000 for the Award function and handover cash prize of Rs. 5,001  to each nine winners in its 10th Award program.

Donated NPR 15,000 in the accounts of HTV Relief Fund                              

As a Corporate Social Responsibility, Himalayan Television has come up with HTV Relief Fund in order to help the needy of the society. They have targeted to help the needy of the society regardless of geographic, demographic, ethnographic or any kind of gender or age diversification. The management of HTV Refund fund has started its initiation by collecting funds from different donors. So, in order to add to this noble cause the bank has donated Rs. 15,000 by depositing the fund in the accounts of the fund.

Drinking water to Nepal scout
In the occasion of establishment of 50 Years of Nepal Scout and 100 Years of World Guides & Girls Scout on 30th of Chaitra 2067 to 3rd of Baisakh 2068 at Labotary School, Kirtipur; the Bank has provided 50 drinking  water jars targeting to serve 2500 estimated scout participants in the jamboree.

Donation to Fellowship Society Nepal
The bank has donated Rs. 5000 to Fellowship Society Nepal, an association of disabled people for their study visit to Mumbai, India for various studies on Barllie technology.

Assistance for Traffic Awareness Programme
With the view to increase awareness in the passengers and drivers of public vehicle being run in urban areas, the Bank provided an assistance of Rs. 240,000.00 as 20 thousand pro-traffic awareness stickers which were pasted on public vehicles in coordination with Organizations named Media Agency and Namuna Sadan.

Management of water in a twelve year Makar Mela (a local festival)
For the whole duration of one month Mela period, arrangements had been made to provide mineral water to the pilgrims in the 12 year Makar Mela held at Panauti of Kabhre District fallen in the year under review.
Financial Assistance for cataract surgery
Rs. 12,500.00 was provided by the Bank for cataract surgery of 5 ophthalmic patients in an eye camp arranged at the initiation of Reukai Masunga Eye Hospital, Banepa.

Assistance in awareness programme relating to uterine prolapse
To assist in making visual awareness material regarding the problem of uterine prolapsed observed with the women of far Karnali Region of the Country in the initiation of a Non Governmental Organization named Media Concern Nepal, the Bank provided an assistance equivalent to Rs. 35,000.00 by purchasing the photographs made available by the Organization.

Sponsorship of Miss Tamang and employment opportunity
We would like to inform that the Bank, during the year under review, sponsored Miss Tamang, 2010 organized by Sadhana Kala Kendra and provided employment opportunity in the Bank to one of the contestants of the event.

Financial assistance to Gaurishankar Campus
For the success of an enlightening discourse program on Bhagawat Geeta (a much worshiped Hindu scripture) which started during the current fiscal year for the purpose to collect funds to convert the Gaurishankar College being run at Charikot of Dolakha District into a University and as an financial assistance the Bank provided cash and kind equivalent to Rs. 84,000.00 to the College. 

Assistance for street lights
4 street lights worth Rs. 24,000.00 at main road of Kalanki Kathmandu was provided by the Bank in coordination with a Non Governmental Organization named LOYUS.

Assistance for river conservation and trees implantation
The Bank joined hands in the initiation of National Nature Conservation Fund with an assistance of Rs. 15,000.00 for implantation of around 100,000 plants at the Bank of Bagmati River (a holy river) for its conservation.

Assistance for children memorial monument and garden
The Bank provided a financial assistance of Rs. 200,000 for the construction of children memorial monument and garden happening near to the entrance of Tribhuvan International Airport which is at a side of Ring Road by Vishwo Shanti Prachar Manch, a Non Governmental Organization, in the memory of children departed during the insurgency period of the Country. Additionally, the Bank has provided assistance in constructing main gate of the garden also. We would like to inform that required homework is happening for the management of the garden.

Annapurna Post Sahayogi Haat Haru
Prabhu Bank was one of the first few banks along with Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited and Nepal Investment Bank Ltd,  who was a part of the 'Annapurna Post Sahayogi Haat haru' campaign to provide relief to the diarrhea-cholera victims in the western region. The Bank opened an account to collect deposits made by generous individuals.

Football Match for Charity
For Prabhu Bank, To assist kidney treatment of national volleyball player, Mr. Dinesh Baniya, Prabhu Bank Co-sponsored a friendship football match between the cine artists of Tito Satya, Jire Khursani and Meri Bassai versus top politicians that includes prominent faces such as Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda), Jhalanath Khanal, Ramchandra Paudel, Gagan Thapa. The match was held at Dasarath Stadium on July 11, 2009.

Prabhu, an official sponsor of world cyclist Pushkar Shah
A tripatite sponsorship agreement for three years has been signed between Prabhu, Mr. Pushkar Shah and World Cyclist Foundation Nepal on January 26, 2007 for peace journey. The main motive of this initiative is to promote lasting peace and make Nepal well known across the world. To instigate the journey, the Bank sponsored air ticket for London-Johannesburg route. When his agreement was signed, world cyclist Mr. Shah had completed journeys in 150, he had targeted to travel. Till date, after the agreement was signed he has traveled to 40 countries.
Prabhu is honored to join hand with Mr. Shah, the 'Goodwill Ambassador'.

Relief to Koshi Flood Victim
Staffs from Prabhu Bank donated their one-day salary for the relief of thousands of Koshi Flood Victims.

Visit to Pashupati Old-Aged People Home and Orphanage
Prabhu Bank has started a unique culture of celebrating its anniversary with those sections of society who are deprived from love, care and affection. On its fifth anniversary, staffs from the Bank shared their time with senior citizens residing at Pashupati Old-Aged people home. Similarly, the staffs visited an NGO named "Prisoner Assistance Centre", Meiphi-Kathmandu, and housing children of prisoners on the occasion of its sixth anniversary.

Free Eye Campaign
By joining hands with local Sukunda Youth Club of Anamnagar, Prabhu Bank organized free eye campaign at the premises of the office. The program benefited needy and old aged citizens living around the vicinity.

Free Health Camp and Medicine Distribution
Prabhu Bank with Lions Club of Babarmahal has put up a donation box at the premise of the bank. Collections from the box shall be used by the club for conducting free medical check-ups.

Scholarship to Dalit Children
Prabhu Bank has been providing scholarship to dalit children to pursue their studies for better future through a local NGO named "Sapana Sahas Ra Hami".

Drive against Smoking
A rally was sponsored by Prabhu Bank at Bungamati, Lalitpur to create awareness on the ill-effect to smoking among local residents.

Mini laptop to world tour cyclist with environmental protection slogan           
Two Yogies namely Rupak Khadka and Rajendra Sapkota has been participating in the world cycle tour with the slogan “Let’s save the Intra-Extra Environment”. So to assist the two country representator in their effort to spread global warming message throughout the world, the Bank has provided them with mini laptop and required accessories for Rs. 40,000.