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    • What is KIST SSB Debit Card?
    • Ans: Prabhu SSB Debit Card is a plastic Card that can be used in Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Point Of Sales (POS) terminals accepting SCT Cards . The Card is operative by PIN number also known as numeric password.
    • Why KIST SSB Debit Card?
    • Ans: KIST is providing Self service banking (SSB) to its esteem customers through Prabhu SSB Card in collaboration with Smart Choice Technologies (SCT).It provides the following facilities:-
    • How often can I use My Card?
    • Ans: You can use your card upto 20 times not exceeding the total limit of Rs. 50,000/- in a day. You can withdraw maximum of Rs.16,000/- in one transaction.
    • Who Can Apply for the Card?
    • Ans: We issue card for all individuals in his/ her name meeting following criteria: Person(s) having single/ savings account with any branch of the bank excluding minors, joint and current account holders.
    • How Can I Collect the Card?
    • Ans: Fill up and submit Prabhu bank SSB (Self service banking) application form to the customer service department of any branch of the bank at your convenience. You can then collect it from any branch of the bank.
    • What are the benefits of having the KIST debit card?
    • Ans: Debit card provides you the facilities of cash withdrawal and balance inquiry. You do not need to carry money for shopping. You can purchase goods and services from all merchant locations accepting SCT logo cards. Several other benefits will be attached in the days to come.
    • What happens after I get my card and pin?
    • Ans: After you acknowledge receipt of the card your card would be activated by the bank staff. After activation, the card is ready for use at all ATM and POS terminals accepting SCT cards.
    • How secured is the card transaction?
    • Ans: The transaction from the card is secured as it is authorized only by inserting the right card and by entering the right PIN number. In case of errors in transaction the card holder can check the same in his account statement and notify the same to bank. It is not always safe to keep card and PIN number together. It is also advised to change the PIN number after the receipt of the card.
    • Can other use my card?
    • Ans: You are advised not to hand card to others and disclose your PIN number. The bank shall not be responsible for the use of cards by other un-authorized persons and any loss or damage arising out of such transactions to you.
    • What should I do if my ATM card gets stuck while using the card?
    • Ans: ATM cards get stuck due to the following reasons:
      a. Due to network problem
      b. Due to power failure
      c. If you do not remove the card within 10-12 seconds
      If such problem persist then inform the bank immediately and you will get the card same day provided it was used with our own Prabhu ATM , and 2-3 days if used in other ATMs.
    • What else can I do at the ATM?
    • Ans: You can enquire the balance available in your account at any of Prabhu ATM's as well as SCT and non SCT member bank.
    • Is it difficult to pay through the card?
    • Ans: It as easy as paying by cash. When a purchase is completed please submit Prabhu SCT Card to the merchant for the payment. The merchant processes the transaction through an electronic data capture device called POS which will take about few seconds to complete the transaction. The merchant, upon getting the approval through the POS will ask you to sign on the sale slip printed by POS. Please check the details of the purchase before affixing your signature on the sale slip. Please collect the copy of the slip and the bill for your reference. Your card account gets debited instantly by the transaction amount which can be seen in your statement.
    • What is difference between debit card and credit card?
    • Ans: Debit Card allow you to spend only what is in your bank account .It is a quick transaction between the merchant and your personal bank account. Every time you use a credit card, you are actually borrowing money that is made available to you by a bank or other financial institution.
    • Is there name printed on the card?
    • Ans: Yes, the name is printed on the card along with the card identification number and expiry date but for instant card no name is embossed.