Based on the viability of the agriculture project/proposal, Agriculture Loan to finance the short/long-term financing need of an individual/firm/company may be made available to purchase tractor, seeds, fertilizers, insecticides etc and to do the farming on Coffee, herbal products, poultry farming, vegetables, cereals, rainbow trout, etc.
Who Can Apply?
Individuals/Partnership concerns and all types of legal entities engaged in agriculture related activities, having sufficient knowledge and relevant experience are eligible to apply for this scheme

Salient Features

·         Financing of up to 70% of the requirement.
·         Maximum tenure of 5 years.
·         Management Fee of maximum 1% of the sanctioned amount.
·         Tractor, registered mortgage over land and building or other tangible assets etc. will be pledged as security.
·         Repayment of the principal along with the payment of the interest should be made in Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) or a quarterly basis.

Documents Required

Identification Documents

·         Citizenship certificate or Passport of applicants/joint applicants & guarantors
·         Personal net worth and family detail of applicants and guarantors
·         Family relationship certificate (if other documents not support to verify the relationship)
·         Completed loan application form 
 Documents related with property to be mortgaged
·         Copy of land ownership certificate (Lalpurja)
·         Copy of land transfer deed (Rajinama)
·         Copy of latest land revenue receipt.
·         Original & copy of property location map (Blueprint)
·         Copy of boundary demarcation certificate (Char Killa Pramanit from ward office/VDC)
·         Original and copy of approved structure design (Naksa Pass) from Municipality or VDC.
·         Certificate of “Construction Completed” certificate (Nirman Sampanna) from concerned Municipality and or VDC in case of ready built house to be mortgaged.
Documents related with Income Source
Salary Letter from the employer stating the Position, terms of employment (contract or Permanent), remaining tenure of service, total salary with all deductions and any liabilities to the employer if any. Proof of minimum 2 years continuous service is required.
Rental income Copy of Rent agreement signed by lesser and lessee in presence of witness. - If the property is to be let out or there exists very high potential of rent income from such property due to it’s location, expected future income can be considered for the purpose of providing additional comfort. If the property is on rent on rooms, the rental income can be considered.
Income from transport business Copy of bluebook (ownership)
Statement of income & expenses
Route permit
Commission income Agency certificate & certificate from the company showing total commission after TDS.
Medical Practitioners Certificate from Nepal Medical Council, Letter from the employer
Other professionals Self-declared income statement signed by applicant
Business Income Registration certificate
Tax/Vat registration certificate
Last two years audited financials; Mgmt. Prepared financials supported by Vat/Tax return.
High Net worth Individuals Bank account statements, copy of land ownership certificates, copies of blue book & other assets related documents
Agriculture Income Land ownership certificate & agriculture income declared by local authority